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Save time and money. Say goodbye to paper sign-sheets and inaccurate attendance records.

KinderSign is an application for iPad and Android tablets that streamlines childcare attendance tracking. The solution gives centers and providers an efficient way to collect attendance while making it fast and easy for parents and guardians to sign children in and out of care.

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A Powerful and Convenient Tablet App

With KinderSign, facilities can automate time-consuming processes, improve engagement with the families they serve, and secure sensitive data. The app integrates with KinderConnect and CenterTrack for complete childcare management and attendance collection.

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Quick Check-in and Check-out

KinderSign streamlines check-in and check-out, as well as parent and guardian authentication, without sacrificing security or recordkeeping detail. The process is as simple as pen-and-paper attendance tracking but provides much greater flexibility.

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Secure, Engaging, and Easy to Use

As drop-offs and pick-ups are automatically recorded online, KinderSign eliminates the need for parents and guardians to sign in and out with paper sheets. All a parent or guardian needs to do is sign their name, type in their PIN, and snap a quick picture of their face.

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Detailed Attendance History

As soon as check-in or check-out is complete, KinderSign instantly logs the time, type, and location of the transaction in an electronic timestamp. The app also collects any notes or absence information left by the parent or guardian.

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The Top Tablet-Based Attendance App for Childcare Providers

Attendance tracking, simplified

KinderSign’s seamless and secure check-in/check-out process was designed with centers and providers of all sizes in mind. Unlike traditional methods, which can become more time-consuming as the number of children and families grow, KinderSmart’s intuitive process and back-end architecture make managing any number of children simple and efficient. Not only does this save you time—it dramatically reduces the risk of error, creating a safer and more reliable environment for the children and families you serve.

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CenterTrack and KinderConnect Integrations

KinderSign interfaces with CenterTrack, KinderSystems’s comprehensive online system for childcare management. CenterTrack is used by childcare organizations of all sizes, from individual providers to large school districts and multi-center agencies.

The app also integrates with KinderConnect, KinderSystems’s web-based provider portal, for comprehensive, efficient childcare management. Using KinderConnect, agencies can collect attendance information from childcare providers directly over the internet—with reports and payment status information easily obtainable within the same portal.

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