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Manage every aspect of your childcare subsidy or family services program in a single online system.

KinderTrack is program management software that streamlines all components of case work—including eligibility determination, provider payments, attendance tracking, reporting, and more. If your agency provides services to subsidized families, KinderTrack is the solution for you.

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Powerful Tracking and Alerts

KinderTrack is all about tracking—and that’s not just limited to childcare attendance tracking. Every change made in the system is recorded in history tables, along with a date and timestamp, the user who made the change, and the reason why the change was made, providing administrators with a complete audit trail.

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Comprehensive Family Enrollment, Recordkeeping, and Reporting

KinderTrack supports an unlimited number of families, programs, and providers. In addition to automatically determining eligibility for multiple programs and calculating parent income information, the system makes it easy to record and review family and child case notes.

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Accurate Attendance and Payment Processing

KinderTrack offers numerous options for efficiently entering childcare attendance. To manage child care schedules and certificates, users can generate paper or web-based sign-in sheets—or both.

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No More Overpayments

Your agency will never overpay a provider when you use KinderTrack. The system stores regional market rates, as well as the rates of each provider, to ensure that reimbursement for childcare services do not exceed the ceiling.

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Save time, money, and headaches through an all-in-one subsidy management system.

A Leading Choice for State Agencies

KinderTrack is KinderSystems’s flagship product, installed in numerous childcare subsidy agencies in multiple states. Users range from small agencies with a few operators to large ones with hundreds of operators, generating tens of thousands of provider payments per month. The solution has become a top choice for state agencies for its ability to provide robust caseload management faster, with less overhead, and at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

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Streamline all components of case work and maintain state compliance

KinderTrack is designed to free agencies from the cost and hassle of manual, siloed processes that require highly technical configurations and siphon away staff time and energy. Users benefit from an intuitive interface that eliminates the need for extensive training and manual labor. Meanwhile, powerful built-in automation assists with attendance collection, rate calculation, and other everyday operations. As a result, your agency will manage cases more effectively, reduce clerical errors, cut down on busy work and frustration, and minimize the chances for fraud and abuse—all while remaining state compliant.

KinderTrack Does the Work for You

KinderTrack ensures accurate collection of time and attendance submissions, with support for biometrics, time clock modules, mobile tablets, and smartphones. Within the same system, users can manage electronic provider invoice submissions, as well as payment statements and a multitude of other reports.

In KinderTrack, alerts notify staff when an action such as family recertification is required. The system flags events that will require attention and generates these alerts automatically in advance. When an alert is processed, its status changes, so case managers and supervisors can immediately see which tasks have been completed.

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Cloud-hosted and Fully Integrated

With KinderTrack, there is no need for device driver configuration and variations, SQL server maintenance, multiple workstation applications, or backups. Gone, too, is the need for additional IT staff. The system is hosted by KinderSystems and accessible from internet-connected browsers in any operating environment, including Windows, Apple iOS, and Android. Through secure protocol, users can access KinderTrack from outside the agency’s network via personal computers and tablets.

KinderTrack users also save labor, materials, and postage by avoiding printing and mailing attendance sheets and statements to providers. The system is fully integrated with KinderConnect, KinderSystems’s online provider and parent portal, allowing for seamless data flow with electronic forms, reports, attendance collection, and more. Additionally, KinderConnect gives providers the option to submit attendance electronically.

Intuitive Design, Backed by Hands-on Support

Well defined areas, clear buttons, appropriate spacing, and tab-driven menus make KinderTrack intuitive and easy to use. One-page summary screens give users quick reference to related family, provider, and payment information. A simplified user experience and features ensuring attendance entry, rate calculation, and recordkeeping are only the basics. Administrators can require certain fields, make them optional, or hide them entirely, as well as change field labels and prompts on all screens. User roles can be customized, giving different users discrete, detailed permissions for all screens and reports. Finally, the system is future-proofed through enhanced interoperability with third-party systems.

KinderTrack was created for ease of use, but that doesn’t mean that providers are on their own to implement and optimize it. As with all of KinderSystems’s solutions, KinderTrack clients can rely on a team of dedicated specialists for support and answers to technical issues. We are also equipped to provide online training sessions, webinars, and project management services for providers who need extra support.

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